Aspire Educational Trust Governance Model

The Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and has a three tier management system.  The Members are akin to the ‘shareholders’ in a company and they are responsible for strategic oversight. There is only one body of Members irrespective of the number of individual academies.

The Trustees are appointed to challenge and scrutinise the strategic direction and day-to-day running of the company, led by the Chief Executive Officer, and they have three functions:

They are Directors – because the MAT is a company;

They are Trustees – because the MAT is a charity; and

They are Governors – because the MAT is responsible for running the schools.

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence.  The Aspire Educational Trust governance model identifies three tiers of governance:

The three-tier structure was established following a review of governance arrangements in 2017. The revised structure aims to address the key governance challenges faced by the Trust. The strong focus on collaboration within the Trust gives rise to the learning and sharing of good practice and this is extended to include governance.

The model allows for engagement at different levels of commitment and skill. It aims to encourage and support those in the governance structure with the capacity to bring their expertise to benefit more children, extending the reach of good governance across a wider group of schools.

The governance functions delegated by the Board across the structure are set out in a Scheme of Delegation which can be found below.