The agreed Trust policies are available to view below.

Admissions Consultation - Hollinhey Primary School

Hollinhey Primary School joined the Aspire Educational Trust on 1st April 2019 and The Aspire Educational Trust is now the Admissions Authority for the school as for all our academies. Hollinhey Primary School are following their previous admissions arrangements at present but propose to adopt the Trust’s admission arrangements from September 2021.

In accordance with the DfE’s 2014 statutory ‘School Admissions Code’ guidance, as an admissions authority, we must consult on our admission arrangements when changes are proposed and therefore,  we will be consulting on the Trust’s admissions policy for 2021/22 between 18th November 2019 and 6th January 2020; during this time, interested parties are invited to express their views and any concerns about the proposed changes to the admission arrangements at Hollinhey Primary School for September 2021 onwards. The inclusion of Hollinhey Primary School to our admissions policy is the only change to our previous arrangements and we are not inviting comment on any other matter. Please see the consultation proposal document, Aspire Educational Trust draft Admissions Policy for 2021/22 and consultation letter below for details.

  1. Download: AET Policy for Data Protection (GDPR update)
  2. Download: Equality & Diversity Policy
  3. Download: Exclusion Policy
  4. Download: Health & Safety Policy
  5. Download: Lone Worker Policy
  6. Download: Performance Management Policy
  7. Download: SEND Policy
  8. Download: Sex & Relationships Policy
  9. Download: Tackling Extremism Policy
  10. Download: Teaching & Learning Policy
  11. Download: Whistleblowing Policy
  12. Download: Anti Bullying Policy
  13. Download: Attendance & Truancy Policy
  14. Download: Breakfast Club Policy
  15. Download: Charging & Remissions Policy
  16. Download: Child Gone Missing Policy
  17. Download: Collective Worship Policy
  18. Download: Cyber Bullying Policy
  19. Download: Complaints Policy updated Mar 18
  20. Download: AET Safer Recruitment Policy and Guidance Dec 18
  21. Download: AET Staff Capability Policy and Guidance Dec 18
  22. Download: AET Staff Disciplinary Policy and Procedure and Managers Guidance Dec 18
  23. Download: AET Supporting Attendance Policy Dec 18
  24. Download: AET Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Dec 18
  25. Download: AET Code of Conduct All staff Dec 18
  26. Download: AET Grievance Policy & Guidance Dec 18
  27. Download: AET Leave and Time Off Policy Dec 18
  28. Download: AET Admissions Policy and arrangements for 2020-21
  29. Download: AET Privacy Notice for Occupational Health referrals
  30. Download: AET Admissions Policy & Arrangements 2019-20
  31. Download: AET Policy for DBS Protocol
  32. Download: Admissions_Policy Proposal Hollinhey Consultation for websites Nov 19
  33. Download: AET DRAFT Admissions Policy for Sep 2021-22 Consultation
  34. Download: Admissions_Policy Hollinhey Consultation Letter Trust Website Nov 19