The agreed Trust policies are available to view below.

Admissions Consultation Result- Hollinhey Primary School

Hollinhey Primary School joined the Aspire Educational Trust on 1st April 2019 and The Aspire Educational Trust is now the Admissions Authority for the school as for all our academies. Hollinhey Primary School follow their previous (Local Authority) admissions arrangements at present and in 2020-21 but following consultation will be adopting the Trust’s admission arrangements from September 2021.

  1. Download: Admissions Appeals timescales for 2020
  2. Download: Adult Behaviour Policy
  3. Download: AET 2019-20 Admissions Policy & Arrangements
  4. Download: AET 2020-21 Admissions Policy and arrangements
  5. Download: AET 2021-22 Admissions Policy & Arrangements
  6. Download: AET Code of Conduct All staff Dec 18
  7. Download: AET Performance Management Procedure Aspire
  8. Download: AET Policy for DBS Protocol
  9. Download: AET Privacy Notice for Occupational Health referrals
  10. Download: AET Recording Meetings Policy.docx
  11. Download: AET Staff Disciplinary Policy and Procedure and Managers Guidance Dec 18
  12. Download: AET Supporting Attendance Policy Dec 18
  13. Download: Allegations of abuse against staff
  14. Download: Anti Bullying Policy
  15. Download: Aspire Trust Policy and Procedures for Alternative Arrangement for Trust Governance Meetings
  16. Download: Attendance & Truancy Policy
  17. Download: Breakfast Club Policy
  18. Download: Charging & Remissions Policy
  19. Download: Child Gone Missing Policy
  20. Download: Collective Worship Policy
  21. Download: Complaints Policy April 2020
  22. Download: Confidentiality Policy (Staff and Volunteer )
  23. Download: Cyber Bullying Policy
  24. Download: Data_and E-Security Breach Prevention and Management Plan
  25. Download: Data_Protection Policy
  26. Download: Equality & Diversity Policy
  27. Download: Exclusion Policy
  28. Download: Health & Safety Policy
  29. Download: Leave and Time Off Policy
  30. Download: Lone Worker Policy
  31. Download: NQT Induction Policy
  32. Download: Performance Management Policy
  33. Download: Prevent Policy
  34. Download: Records Management Policy
  35. Download: Relationships, Sex and health education policy 2020
  36. Download: Safer_Recruitment Policy
  37. Download: Single Central Record (SCR) Policy
  38. Download: Special_Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy (update)
  39. Download: Staff Capability Policy and Guidance
  40. Download: Staff Grievance Policy & Guidance
  41. Download: Tackling Extremism Policy
  42. Download: Teaching & Learning Policy
  43. Download: Technology and Acceptable Use Agreement
  44. Download: Whistleblowing_Policy (update)
  45. Download: Working From Home and Overtime Policy
  46. Download: AET Policy for Pensions discretions from October 2020